Our Story in India, 2018 - present

Sponsor: Mitsui Chemicals, CHEMI (Korean company)

Bihar is the poorest state in India with a strong caste system. This creates many problems such as a farmer system, gender inequality and poor educational facilities for children. Additionally Bihar is faced with development caused deforestation, air pollution and extreme weather conditions. As such through the creation of training centers and afforestation activities ICA Japan has trained and educated Bihar's villages with restoration and conservation activities alongside combating the gendered stigmas and norms held.

Secure Water Access And Eye Care In India, 2018 - Present

Due to climate change, ground water in the Jabua District has been drastically decreased leading to their wells to run dry. Poverty in the area has meant that these people have not been able to tackle this issue and as being designated tribes not recognized outside the Government's caste system the Government has not provided aid. As water is a lifeline to combat thirst and hygiene ICA Japan has fought to aid those under the poverty line by rejuvenating 6 wells since 2018 that can be supplied to over 800 people per year and also teaching well maintenance to the communities. Additionally, ICA Japan has provided eye inspections, distributed eye glasses to those in need and introduced patients with cataracts to hospitals when necessary.

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