Community Development

Afforestation Activities

ICA Japan has overseen multiple afforestation activities aimed at greening and enriching communities. Trees bring in many benefits such as shade, enriched soil, cattle feed, and allowing for crops to grow. We have aided communities with afforestation in Kenya and India. These activities not only enrich the natural environment but also the social one.

Access to Water

A necessity for sustainable and thriving communities. Water is an established human basic need and right. ICA Japan has headed many projects across the globe focused on bringing water to communities in Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, India, and Nepal.

In Kenya, water was collected through bamboo towers that caught water dew condensation. In India and Nepal, ICA Japan has created and restored wells, teaching communities the necessary well-maintenance skills. Furthermore, pipelines have been installed in India to reduce travel distances for women and children. 

Community Centers

ICA Japan has built and established community centers in each area we operate. Community centers are for the local communities and are run by local staff that we train. We have used these centers to teach skills such as literacy, calculations, dressmaking, and confectionery. These centers have helped train not only men but also train and empower women and children who are trapped in systematic gender roles in a lot of our areas.

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